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Ryan O'Kane
Chief Mortgage Officer

How This New Real Estate Platform Could Save Your Client Thousands

How This New Real Estate Platform Could Save Your Client Thousands

Real estate is often one of the key assets that is split, sold, or leveraged during the unwinding of a marriage.

We know that there are many options on the table when dealing with how best to settle this asset. Whether its a cash out refinance to pay off a spouse, a rate and term refinance to take a spouse off title, or just a flat out sale of the home - there are a lot of choices. When it comes to understanding the best options, your client needs a real estate team that can help guide them through these choices. We are that team and put over 20 years of real estate and lending experience to work for you and your clients.

Let us introduce you to Brundle.

A Brundle is a real estate service that coordinates the selling, buying, lending and escrow of a real estate transaction with one team at a considerable discount to your client. ARBOR has partnered with Orange County’s top real estate agents in all cities who have agreed to offer our mutual clients discounted real estate services. We also have 0 seller side escrow fees for clients real estate sales transactions. A Brundle discount is typically 40%!

Not only will you have the confidence that your clients are working with the best real estate team, you will also have the confidence they are getting these services at the ABSOLUTE best price.

To learn more about how Brundle can ease the real estate and lending process for your clients,  contact me today.

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